Time & Tide Brewing Co. Domino (8.6%)

A few years ago Durham Brewery shook things up by making a White Stout, a big bold beer that had me dribbling with love for it.
Time & Tide have taken the style one step further and added cocoa and coffee to the mix, making a great big pale beer that’s round and warm, sexy and smooth, and hefty with drunken boozy coffee, milk chocolate and vanilla pods.
If you accept that a Stout was originally a big strong beer and not something deep and dark, then you’ll easily get your head around the fact that this can of loveliness pours bright and clear and pale with a little fluffy head and smells of freshly pressed coffee beans and chocolate.
The body of the beer is a creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate joy, while the hops add a crunchy leaf litter, maple syrup and marmalade kiss to what becomes a thick and satisfying boozy rum finish with a long pithy hedgerow slap right at the end.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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