A Pair Of Aces From Time & Tide

Time & Tide Brewing Deep Water (10.5%)
Take a seriously good Imperial Stout, add sea salt, cocoa and chilli and age it for eleven months in Islay whisky barrels and, if you’re lucky and everything works just right, you’re left with an astonishing beer that is so ridiculous that the only option is to release it in 750ml ftbottles.
Deep Water is just such a Stout, rich and deep and complex, the barrels add a damp and peaty woody warmth, it’s an earthy underbelly over which the beer’s malts, bolstered by the cocoa, give you a thick chewy Nutella chocolate spread on toasted brown bread, digestive biscuits, honey and treacle tart, the hops adding a little citrus freshness and pithy greenery, while the sea salt crackles in the finish as the chilli slowly builds as you drink, giving the beer a deliciously piquant red pepper fruitiness.

Time & Tide Brewing Orange Domino (8.6%)
As part of their ever interesting limited edition series, Time & Tide aged some of their already splendid White Stout in Islay whisky barrels with cocoa nibs, Colombian coffee and orange zest, and the result is a triumph.
The beer is soft and easy drinking yet stacked with interesting things as you drink.
The orange zest adds a fresh piquant zip to the lemon curd and marmalade of the hops with their crunchy autumnal leaf litter and chamomile tea, while the coffee helps the already rich round shortcake and honey of the malts feel thick and extra woody, with a cherry stone and almond layer that, coupled with the dry crumbly chocolate of the cocoa makes for a finish that’s rich and bright and rewarding.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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