BrewChap Brewing Concern Dukla Prague Away Kit (3.7%)

What a world we live in when you receive beer through the post from a friendly home brewer and you’re asked to judge between “bottle conditioned” and “evil keg”.
I mean, how many home brewers are kegging their beer?
Maybe loads and I’ve just not heard of them.
And so here I am with two halves of the same beer, delivered in different formats, and giving me a really different drinking experience.
Before I even start describing the beer, I’ll tell you for nothing that the kegged version is the far superior drink.


The keg beer smells fresh and fruity while the bottle conditioned version has a gassy aroma, and taking a swig there’s far more of interest in the kegged version than the bottle conditioned beer.
The keg beer has a soft and creamy caramel brioche malt body, while the bottle conditioned version, though decent enough, has a bit of a gap where the malts ought to be.
There’s some caramel and biscuits, but they’re overwhelmed by a not overly pleasant yeastiness, meanwhile the kegged hops are bright and shiny, with sharp garden herbs, lemon zest, melon and orange juice, while the bottle conditioned hops are watery and thin, a dab of lemon juice and a hint of marmalade.
It’s an odd thing, but the bottle conditioned beer feels and tastes like it’s been sat around on a shelf for weeks, while the kegged version tastes like it was only decanted yesterday.
Whatever, this is tip top home brewing.

Source: BrewChap Brewing Concern

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