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Oakham Ales, based a short way down the road from me in Peterborough, have long been a standard go-to brewery when I do my supermarket shopping.
Their Citra and Scarlet Macaw often ending up in my shopping basket, I always keep an eye out for Green Devil as well, their 6% IPA does so much more than most other big breweries’ offerings.
So when I heard that Oakham have decided to start canning with three new brews I just had to give them a try.
And I’ve not been disappointed at all.
If these three little tins of joy end up being readily available then I know what my basket will be filled with next time I shop.

Thrill Seeker (4.8%)
Thrill Seeker is a Pale Ale bursting with NZ and Australian hops in the form of Nelson Sauvin, Vic Secret, Enigma and Pacific Jade.
It’s the kind of beer that Oakham do so well, pale and crisp and clean. It’s malts are a soft chewy mouthful of caramel and brioche, honey and shortcake, while
The hops are bright fresh and zingy, all gooseberries and green grapes, kiwi, lemon, garden herbs and mown lawns.
The aroma is heavy with freshly chopped citrus fruit and the finish is bitter and dry with a sprinkle of brown sugar at its edges.

Best Friend (4.2%)
I’m really impressed with this, Oakham’s Session IPA.
Pouring a pale gold and with a smell full of honeysuckle, this is a great little beer.
The malts are soft and subtle, all honey and shortcake, and a little yeasty bread crust at the edges, while the hops – Simcoe and Cascade – are sharp and bitter, with pithy mown lawns, fresh tobacco leaves, hedgerow hopping and lots of lemon zest.
I could drink this all evening.


Alpha Inception (6%)
Do you like your IPAs good and hoppy.
Enough to make your tongue curl up?
You do?
Then you’ll be very happy to meet Alpha Inception, a West Coast IPA packed with Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo and Centennial hops.
Don’t be put off by the lightness of the aroma with its hint of fruit salad and whiff of floral garden borders, because once you dive in you find a malt body akin to Oakham’s Citra, soft salted caramel, a freshly baked baguette and lashings of honey, it’s gooey and sweet and satisfying.
And just as you’ve had that little sweet taste the hops gang up, hitting you with stinging nettles and resinous redwood, mandarins, lime zest, sherbet lemons and rolling tobacco.
It’s a slap across the face that leads you to a brilliantly bitter, lip puckering dry finish.
Very good.

Source: Oakham Ales

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