Turning Point Brewing Co. Dreamcatcher (10%)

I opened and poured Dreamcatcher, an Imperial Stout aged for a year in Bourbon and Marsala Barrels and then blended, and life became better and far more interesting.
This is a deep rich and rewarding beer, a beer that has multiple layers to discover, a beer you probably need to drink more than once to get to the bottom of.
There’s brandy and walnuts, Madeira cake, vanilla ice cream, damsons and dates, fig rolls, Merlot tannins, fresh cherry flesh, damp fungal oak, bitter chocolate, freshly pressed espresso and lots and lots of bitter green herbal leaves.
It’s one of the most rewarding beers I’ve drunk in a very long time and I enjoyed it while listening to Gastr Del Sol’s remarkable “Upgrade & Afterlife”, and LP I have been rediscovering and finding hidden depths to with each and every listen for the past twenty years or so.
In a word, superb.

Source: Turning Point

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