Verdant Brewing Co. Even Sharks Need Water (6.5%)

This can of murky, cloudy beer was canned one week ago.
It’s about as fresh as you could hope to get without drinking directly from the fermenter.
And boy can you tell.
This beer simply sings its goodness at you as you drink.
Firstly there’s the fruity fizzbomb aroma, fizzy and fruity with a lemon curd base.
Then there’s the malting that’s all freshly baked white bread, honey covered pancakes and lightly salted shortbread that, coupled with the oats and the London Ale yeast makes the beer feel round and smooth and immensely chewy.
On top of all this there’s a massive hit of Citra, Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops that mix lemon zest with lime leaves, green grape skins and gooseberries, mango, peach and rhubarb and custard sweets, and lots and lots of honeydew melon.
All of which makes for a superb beer warmed through with a little white rum alcohol that ends in a big fruit salad smile of a finish.

Source: Verdant Brewing Co.

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