12XU: A Gang Of Four From Overtone Brewing Co.

Pale Enigma (6%)
Yes it’s a Pale Ale with a 6% ABV, and yes it rocks as much as you’d imagine it to.
Overtime have taken an Enigma packed dream of a beer, all lime zest and mandarins, herbal green foliage and sizzlingly sharp lemon sherbet, with a caramel wafer, honey doughnut, pancake laden malt kiss and added a Vermont yeast for extra earthy fruitiness, both in the sexy sweet shop aroma and the background spicy fug, and blown it up to massive proportions with the white rum hit that the higher ABV brings.
Pale Enigma is a thing of loveliness.


NEIPA Vic Secret (6.3%)
Rich and dank and juicy, this IPA brewed with Vermont Yeast and a shed load of Vic Secret hops does exactly what you want it to and does it well.
The beer smells of pears and apple cores and foam shrimp sweets and the beer pours a gloopy peach colour with a big fluffy head.
There’s a seriously gooey toffee muffin malt base and an endless flow of hops, giving you lime zest and lemon curd, passion fruit and melon, all of which is boosted by the rich round earthy stone fruit flavours of that Vermont yeast.
Very good.

IPA Comet/Waimea (6.3%)
There’s a lovely flash of mandarin and lime juice that jumpsuit in the very first swig, it’s a fresh and tropical, zesty kiss of fruitiness, and it lingers throughout the beer.
But let’s start a little bit earlier, because while pouring you’re met by a Starburst aroma of sweetshop goodies while the beer slinks a rich peach into your glass.
Underneath the aforementioned limey mandarin goodness you’ll find a soft and chewy caramel biscuit, bread crust and bran flake malt, all glued together by runny honey, while those hops build and build, with fizzy lemon sherbet and spicy woodruff, pithy bracken and dry black tea making for a finish that’s eye wateringly long and bitter, crisp and bright.

Overtone’s Milk Chocolate Stout (6.2%) does absolutely everything you could wish for in a beer of this style and does it with a cool sexy charm lacking in other beers.
Firstly the veer pours an inky black with a foaming cappuccino head and an aroma heavy with black cherries and freshly ground coffee.
Taking a swig you find a malt body that’s heavy with toffee coated pancakes, all sweet, sticky and sumptuous, along with honey and salted peanut brittle.
There’s also a decent crunchy red maple leaf pithiness from the hops, and a splash of much needed bright and zingy lemon zest that adds a a freshness to the thick and sumptuous ice cream dessert of the finish.

Source: Overtone Brewing Co.

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