Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Gingerbread Stout (9.2%)

I have wanted to taste this beer for quite some time and all I can tell you is that it Ha sheen worth the wait.
A Milk Stout brewed with ginger, honey, cinnamon and vanilla, the beer pours an inky black with a dense cappuccino head and smells like freshly baked gingerbread men.
The malting is round and rich, burned wholemeal toast, dark chocolate and freshly brewed espresso, which is made bigger and sweeter by the honey and vanilla that, combined with the lactose, add a smooth creaminess that seems to go on forever.
There may be hops, indeed there are hops, they bring a snap of pithy hazel leaves and damp green hedgerow, adding a little freshness to the edges of the beer.
But when the ginger kicks in, not overwhelming but warm, spicy and earthy, it gets pushed along by all the above and makes the beer feel like nothing more than the first bite of a freshly baked gingerbread man, oven warm and incredibly satisfying.
This is a fabulous beer.

Source: Otter’s Tears

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