Left Handed Giant Brewing Co. Bubble Vision (8%)

Here we go again with the old Lager being Lager if it hasn’t been Lagered question.
The thing is, the malting is creamy enough here, its soft and caramel coated pancake body gives the impression of a beer that has been fermented slowly and over time.
But the hops are so bright, so 3D and dayglo, like a comic book drawing that explains its flavours in Zaps and Pows, that I had to do a bit of Googling.
The problem is, even Googling didn’t provide an answer as to whether or not this beer has indeed been Lagered, so I’m going to have faith and believe that it has.
And as such, wowsers, this is a hop heads’ delight.
Miles and miles of fresh herbal greenery, sapling wood pithiness, orange zest and lime leaves are forced into your face by the big bullish ABV that adds a mind numbing warmth while right in the finish there’s a little kiss of earthy yeast just to round things off.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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