Twisted Barrel Ale Big Wednesday (8%)

It’s early Saturday evening and I really feel like some Japanese Garage Punk and a beer.
And so with Teengenerate blaring out of my speakers, I popped the can of Big Wednesday, poured and took a swig.
What a good idea that was.
Teengenerate are bright and brash and full of fun, and so is Big Wednesday.
The peachy gold beer smells of kids’ penny sweets, all fruity and sugary and moresome, while the malting is light as a feather with caramel wafers, gloopy honey brioche and shortbread biscuits and the hops slap you about with sharp as a knife metallic herbal leaves, apple cores and lemon zest, cucumber, grapefruit and gin doused melon.
It’s a beer that begins all sexy and seductive and ends with you tied to a bed in a darkened basement fearing the worst but full of adrenalin.
A bit like listening to Teengenerate.

Source: Pop’n’Hops 

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