DEYA Brewing Co. Saturated In Simcoe (8%)

Not generally my favourite hop, this Double IPA brewed solely with Simcoe really makes the variety shine brightly.
The beer pours a cloudy pale straw with a fluffy white head and an aroma heavy with creamy lemon curd and apricot.
The malting is soft, round and chewy, all sticky caramel waffles, ring doughnuts and honeycomb, and there’s a light earthy fruitiness from the yeast pushed forward by a clean, crisp, warm boozy background over which the Simcoe is zingy and zappy, lemon BonBons, sharp green pithy herbal leaves and mown lawn clippings, along with orange rind and rich woody tobacco that makes for a great big bitter smack of a finish.
Super duper.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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