Half A Dozen Reasons To Like Two Tribes Brewing

NEIPA (5.9%)
A collaboration with Australia’s Big Shed Brewing, this lovely little beer uses a dank London Yeast strain, Australian Cascade, Ella and Topaz hops, and some lovely English malts.
There’s a soft sweet caramel, honey and shortbread biscuit malt body, soft and chewy, it sits quietly in the background providing the beer with a solid backbone while yeast brings a round and slightly spicy over ripe peach flesh creaminess and the hops hit you with sharp lemon and lime, green herbal hedgerow spikiness.
All this alongside a delightful fruit salad aroma and bitter yet creamy finish.
Very good.

Bring The Noise (6.6%)
A Sour IPA with Apricot and Guava, I like this a lot.
And it’s not so much sour as tart, and there’s a big difference right there.
You see, I wasn’t sure about opening this as I currently struggle quite a bit with sour beer, and so it was with a lip smacking cry of glee that I realised what I’ve actually got here.
The beer pours a cloudy peach colour with a little creamy head and a smell that’s distant farmyards and freshly made lemonade.
There’s a solid caramel, toffee and wafer biscuit malting that provides a solid sweet base, augmented by Lactose that brings its own vanilla ice cream smooth sweetness to the mix.
The hopping is sharp and keen, all freshly picked nettles, garden herbs and lemon zest, while the added fruit gives you a fresh fleshy brightness in the bitter, tangy, refreshing finish.

New Romantic Passion Fruit Gose (3.6%)
Another crisp, clean and delightfully tart beer from Two Tribes, this Passion Fruit Gose begins with a waft of garden flowers as you pour the bright golden beer into your glass.
Taking a sip you’re met by a burst of fresh juicy passion fruit, a little strawberry and some greenery before the malt slowly builds a vanilla shortbread base, while there’s a light palate cleansing bitterness prickled with salt in the finish.



Dream Factory Pale Ale (4.4%)
Two Tribes’ Pale Ale is sharp and bright and full of good things.
It’s full of lemonade and lime zest, herbal leaves and peach juice, big and round and juicy.
It’s also full of caramel and honey, wafers and waffles, its malt creating a soft sticky brown sugar sweet body that forms the backbone of the beer.
The finish is snappy and bitter, all stinging nettles and sherbet lemon bonbons.


New Romantic Berliner Weisse (3.7%)
This Berliner Weisse brewed with Calamnsi (a variety of South East Asian lime) is fresh and bright and zingy.
There’s a lightly salty lime flesh aroma, summery and zesty, it drags you into the drink where yo7 find a light caramel and croissant malt, soft and subtle, but just sweet enough to carry the tart hit of lime juice that wraps itself around your tongue while the hops add an extra prickle of nettle leaves and hedgerow pithiness.
The finish is long and sharp and very refreshing.



Metroland Session IPA (3.8%)
More of a light Pale Ale than a Session IPA, but all the better for it as this little beer manages to provide a solid toffee and honey, brioche and waffle malt body, its brown sugar sweetness working alongside the warm bread dough hum of the yeast.
The hopping is bright and sharp, with lemon juice and tangerine zest, green herbal leaves and some soft juicy melon.
Very good indeed.



Source: Two Tribes Brewing

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