Overtone Brewing Co. Rwandan Coffee IPA (7.5%)

Right now Overtone are at the top of their game, creating interesting and, most importantly, eminently drinkable beer.
This IPA has been brewed using coffee sourced by Dear Green of Glasgow and cleverly blends all the hoppy goodness and light chewy malts with a warm round woody coffee hit.
So let’s start at the beginning.
The aroma is all fresh fruit salad and toffee with a hint of tobacco and redwood in the background.
Taking a swig the coffee doesn’t jump out right away, instead you are first met by caramel wafers, honey and pancakes from the malting, all brown sugar sweetness before the Citra, Simcoe and Cascade combine to give you grapefruit zest and lemon sorbet, steely garden leaves and rolling tobacco.
And as you drink the coffee builds, bringing rich round prunes and plums, and a light smokiness that turns the whole experience into something much more interesting than just a really good beer.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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