Mad Squirrel Brewery Saturation Point (8%)

What a fabulous name for a beer so hefty with hops that it makes your head spin.
This, boys and girls, is a DIPA, and a bloody good one.
It has a playfully soft sweet malt heart, all brioche and brown sugar, honey, wafers and ice cream cones, and a shed load of hops that are so intense you may think they’re after your sanity.
There’s a great big dayglo slap of 3D fun from the hops, all lemon curd and lime leaves, orange marmalade, resinous redwood, tobacco, peach juice and melon, and all this goodness is driven along by a warm and clean gin clear boozy hit of alcohol as you eventually, breathlessly reach the drunkenly dry finish.

Source: Mad Squirrel Brewery

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