Polly’s Brew Co. Fickle (6.8%)

Brewed with only Mosaic hops, this is another very good IPA from Polly’s.
Feeling for all the world like a big fresh West Coast beer, it pours a bright clear gold with a little foamy head and smells of boozy melon balls and peach Melba.
The malting is soft and round, smooth and chewy, with pancakes and waffles, honey and caramel, ever so slightly salty and full of brown sugar sweetness, while the Mosaic does what Mosaic does best, hitting you with lashing of fizzy lemon sherbet, soft Gala melon, a little bit of resinous pine and lots of pithy greenery.
I’m still unsure that the name change is the right one, but to be honest they could call themselves Geoff Bastard and I wouldn’t care as long as they keep making beer as good as this.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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