Polly’s Brew Co. Grow, Deliver & Repeat (7.2%)

If you asked me to describe what I want from an IPA, what an IPA would need to do to make me fall in love with it, this is what I’d say:
I want the beer to pour a bright and clear gold and hold a little fluffy head that pops with life.
I’d want the aroma to be full of apricots and peaches doused in white rum and I’d want the very first mouthful to knock me sideways.
I’d want a malt body that’s round and creamy, chewy with caramel and honey, and rich with doughnuts and waffles, a little salty yeast crackling away at the edges.
But most of all I’d want a big fruity hit of hops, with melon and lychee, lemon sherbet, lime zest and steely garden herbs all coated in the bitter sweet tang of orange marmalade.
And so you know something?
Grow, Deliver & Repeat pretty much does all the above.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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