Roosters Brewing Co. Scrambler (4%)

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, this is a super little can of beer.
I was unsure as to what to expect from a Pale Ale brewed with fresh watermelon, but now I wish that I had a case full.
The beer looks incongruous enough, pouring a pale gold with a little fuzzy head, and the aroma has a hint of melon and honey, but nothing that’d make you st up and take notice.
But taking a swig you find something rather special.
There’s a sweet shop full chewy goodness, lashings of sherbet, fruit salad sweeties and a big gooey dollop of watermelon softness.
It’s fresh and succulent and rounds out the sharpness of the hedgerow and herbal greenery of the hops and the caramel and Belgian waffles of the malts.
In fact, and I don’t say these things lightly, this is a revelation.
Now I’d like to try it in an Imperial setting, pushed along by a stupidly strong hit of white rum booziness.
Absolutely superb.

Source: EeBria

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