Yeastie Boys Heaven Up (3.8%)

I’ve been on leave this week and have spent every morning cycling around the countryside.
I’ve just got home after a fifty mile jaunt into Warwickshire and needed something refreshing to go with my Brunswick ham and cheese sandwich.
It turns out that Heaven Up is the perfect choice.
It’s crisp and clean, razor blade sharp, the soft creamy, caramel sweet malt body enjoying a bit part in a beer that is all about the mix of Lemondrop hops, fresh lemon and lime peel and black and white Limoo Amani, the final ingredient being where the Gose also gets its little salty kick from.
This isn’t a sour beer, it’s a tart and fizzy beer that reminds me of fresh homemade lemonade, the cloudy one with all the little bits of lemon pulp floating about in it.
Right then, I’d best get on with my sandwich.

Source: Yeastie Boys

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