Yeastie Boys The Beautiful People (6.7%)

Brewed in collaboration with People Like Us, this is a super Bretted Rye IPA with Cardamom and figs.
It’s a warm orange coloured beer that pours with a fluffy little head and smells of lightly spiced honey biscuits.
The malts, Vienna and Pilsner, bolstered by Rye and Crystal Rye, make for a soft and smooth, creamy body that’s big and chewy.
A hint of pumpernickel and a touch of Soreen making the beer feel round and sensuous.
The mix of Vic Secret, Ariana, Comet and Crystal hops add a layer of nettle tea and orange marmalade, a splash of lime and a waft of liquorice, while the figs and cardamom mak the beer go all fruity and peppery, the Brett yeasts (yes there are two used here, Clausennii and Bruxellensis) bubble away in the background making the finish of the beer dank and meaty.
Superb stuff.

Source: Round Corner Brewing

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