Korruptd BrewKo Nightkrawler Episode II: A Very Belgian Teacake (12.21%)

Brewed by madmen in Sheffield, this Belgian style Dark Ale uses cacao nibs, walnuts, oak chips, dates and Sherry.

That’s a formidable list of ingredients, and it does everything you might imagine and more.

It’s a deep and strange psychedelic brew that’ll have your brain spinning and uncertain, a little like the record I put on just before I opened the bottle.

In the same way that “Trout Mask Replical displaces your sensibilities and has you questioning what is and isn’t the way things should be, this beer makes you question your tastebuds and what they’re telling you.

The walnuts are woody and oily, working with the warmth of the oak chips to drag you into the wardrobe that leads to a boozy Narnia chocablock with dark chocolate, rum and raisin biscuits and brandy heat.

The dates and raisins add a meaty dark fruit sexiness, while the Sherry reminds me of nothing more than getting pissed on a bottle stolen from my grandmother’s sideboard.

It was an afternoon that began with laughter and warm spiced white wine fun and ended with total collapse and a smirked apology.

And then, scarily, right in the finish, there’s a hit of black coffee that brings you to your senses and allows you to take another mouthful while the booze builds in your already overrun system.

Source: Otter’s TearsOtter’s Tears

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