Goose Island Brewing Co. Bourbon County Brand Stout 2019 (15.2%)

I know this is an AB/InBev brand and that we should all think of everything they do as evil and worthless, and maybe that is the correct opinion, but like it or not this is a fabulous Imperial Stout.
Pouring deep mahogany brown with a little cappuccino had, the smell is steeped in rum soaked prunes and star Anise.
There’s a thick and gloopy well toasted brown bread, treacle tart, honey waffle and Oreo malt body, packed with chocolate and maple syrup, and lashings of freshly brewed Espresso, it’s big and bold and sexy.
There’s a little hoppy aside, some brittle autumnal leaf litter and a toffee apple wrapped in spiky nettles, but essentially this is a beer all about its enormous boozy hit.
Rum baba and plum jam, oaky whisky warmth and just a hint of Marmite as you head into the thick gluey finish.
Superb stuff.

Source: Goose Island Brewing Co.

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