Brauerei Flügge Imperial Fil (9.6%)

Well now, I was told by Mat that this was a really complex and multi layered sour, and he wasn’t joking.
Brewed with Redcurrant, black malt, and Kveik, Brettanomyces and Milchsäurebakterien (as they say in Germany), Imperial Fil pours a rich cherry red and smells for all the world like a fine Merlot, red berries and black grapes with just a passing hint of chocolate.
The chocolate of the aroma pops up right in the background of the beer, adding a warmth to the thick honey tart of the malt body, while the trio of yeast cultures grab you with a big building woody, earthy, and very spicy damp woodland walk.
The Columbus hops add a slap of zingy lemon zest and pithy hedgerow, and the Redcurrant purée is like a delicious kiss with tongues, sensuous and sexy, the fruit feels round and meaty, while the underlying alcohol haze works everything up into a great big tart and pithy finish edged by a hint of Balsamic vinegar.
This is a beer to really take your time over.

Source: Chez Sophie

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