Let’s get Salty!

I’ll cut the preamble to a minimum as I’m sure you all know of Salt Beer Factory by now.
Based in Saltaire, formerly a town famous for cloth manufacture, Salt name all their range after the different types of material that came from their home town.
That’s the history done, here’s the beer.

Alpaca (5.5%)
Alpaca is a Double Dry Hopped IPA packed with fruity goodness.
Pouring a bright gold, the aroma is full of apricots and peaches, and some sugary lemon sherbet.
Taking a swig you’ll find a solid yet subtle popcorn and brioche, honeycomb and shortcake malt body over which the hops whip you with sharp hedgerow greenery, fizzy flying saucers, zingy lime zest and fruity orange marmalade, all of which leads to a long bitter finish.


Calico (4%)
Calico is a Gluten free Pale Ale and I like it very much.
It’s soft and light, fruity and floral with an apricot and honeysuckle aroma.
There’s a gentle wafer and shortcake, caramel and runny honey malt base, with just a hint of yeasty saltiness to give it a kick.
And then there’s a delicate wash of garden flowers, lemon zest and celery, herbal leaves and grapefruit from the hops.
Lovely stuff


Jute (4.2%)
Soft and bright and easy drinking, this Session IPA is very good indeed.
From its frothy little head to its lemon custard aroma, it’s light and inviting.
The malting is pancakes and honey, a little vanilla ice cream and a chunk of fudge, while the hops come on all sunshine warm, with zesty lemon and prickly nettle leaves, melon and mango, apricot and garden herbs.
Jute is the kind of beer you could happily spend an afternoon with.


Huckaback (5.5%)
Thick with orange marmalade, this is a juicy and almost chewy NEIPA.
The malting is round and soft, all honey and doughnuts, salted caramel and wafers, and the hops give you the aforementioned marmalade, peaches and apricots, a slap of lemon zest and some pithy herbal undergrowth, while the Yeats adds its own spoonful of lightly spiced stone fruit.
And with a finish that’s equal parts sweet and tangy, crisp and bitter, this is a great little beer to spend some time with.


Citra NEIPA Jnr. (4.3%)
Brewed with a shed load of oats and buckets of Citra, this is a smooth and creamy, almost dreamy Session IPA.
The malts are soft and smooth with pancakes and popcorn, caramel and wafers, while the Citra does what Citra does best.
You’ll find acres of lemon groves, fresh and zingy, pithy at the edges, sharp and almost tart, along with a hint of juicy orange marmalade and a slap of hedgerow greenery.
This is a very good little beer.


Source: Salt Beer Factory

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