God Bless Abbeydale Brewery & All Who Sail In Her

Voyager IPA (5.6%)
This, the latest version of Abbeydale’s every changing and every growing IPA, is brewed with Citra, Centennial and Mosaic hops.
It’s a beer with an Apricot and pencil shaving aroma, a beer that sits cloudy and peachy in your glass.
It’s a beer that’s thankful for its caramel brioche and honey drenched waffle malt body, because it holds just enough sweetness to balance the beer against the enormous dry woodiness of the hopping.
There’s a huge, mouth creasing, lip puckering tobacco leaf dryness, and a lick of orange marmalade, before an endless walk into the distance pursued by garden herbs, hazel leaves and sherbet filled flying saucers.
This is superb brewing.

Crossing The Threshold (6.7%)
Brewed in collaboration with Orbit, this is a superb Dessert Stout full of rum and raisin chocolate, brandy snaps and brown bread.
And then there’s a a creamy and satisfying heartiness created by the use of rice.
You can almost taste the freshly steamed grains while the coconut flesh and milk give you a great big, unsurprisingly coconutty hit.
The hops add a little piquant herbal greenery and the malting is full of chocolate and burned toast, glazed doughnuts and runny honey.
but it’s the combination of the rice and coconut, pushed along by a white rum booziness, that makes this a deliciously sexy Stout.

Deliverance (7%)
“Oh, that’s ridiculous!”
I uttered those words automatically on taking my first sip of this, the newest version of Abbeydale’s DIPA.
This time it has been brewed with Sabro, HBC 472 and HBC 692 provided by Yakima Chief Hops, and man alive they’re impressive.
You know that all consuming zingy orange peel thing you get when you bite into the skin of a tangerine?
That experience is front and centre in this beer.
It’s fresh and fruity, lip puckeringly pithy, sharp and fizzy.
There’s a big fresh zestiness in the aroma as well, while the malting brings a much needed hit of caramel and brioche sweetness to level everything out.
But these hops are extraordinary in their big bold brightness, all oranges and limes with a subtle hint of just cracked coconut milk loafing around in the background.
Only in it’s brilliance.
This version of Deliverance has completely blown me away.

Source: Abbeydale Brewery

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