Another Gang Of Four From Anspach & Hobday

The Table Beer (3%)
I really like this rather subtle take on a Table Beer.
Instead of the usual ploy of trying to get a low ABV beer to hold heaps of zingy hops, often resulting in a beer with a great big gap where its heart should be, Anspach & Hobday have created their Table Beer using a Pilsner malt and a German Ale yeast, along with Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Hallertau Blanc hops.
This makes for a crisp and clean beer that has plenty of soft caramel and honey, waffle and shortcake body, a lightly spiced yeast hit and lots of green fresh gooseberries and green grapes, hazel leaves and garden herbs from the hops.
I’m mightily impressed by this little beer.

The English Pale (4%)
Brewed with Jester hops, this is a seriously good Pale Ale.
Melon and lychee, mown lawns, lemon zest and freshly picked herbal greenery from the single British hop variety gives the beer a big fresh fruity feel, while the soft and subtle runny honey and creamy pancake batter of the malting creates a super smooth, light body.
The finish is sharp, crisp and dry and the aroma is packed with apricots and greengages.
Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of words to describe a beer, especially when that beer is very good indeed.

The IPA (6%)
Now this is super.
Super fresh, super clean, super crisp, and super fruity.
It pours a bright peachy orange and smells of apricots and nectarines.
There’s a lovely soft and smooth, chewy caramel and ice cream, waffle, wafer and honey malt body, all brown sugar sweet and edged with a little hit of earthy spice form the yeast.
But it’s the hops that win here, Summit, Ekuanot and Enigma bringing a massive tangerine and satsuma juiciness, lots of lime leaves and lemon zest, and a great big slap of green herbal foliage.
Juicy and fruity and with a good hit of clear gin warmth in the finish, putting this beer in a can was exactly the right thing to do.

The Porter (6.7%)
Big and dark and very sexy, The Porter is a beer to settle down into.
It’s as dry as a bone in the finish, sucking the moisture out of your face, but rich and round and fruity with every swig.
You’ll find stewed prunes and damson jam, black grapes and apples, but all the while a deep dark dryness builds.
Cocoa powder and dark chocolate, black coffee, liquorice root and rolling tobacco, cinder toffee, fire wood, hedgerow undergrowth and Marmite on buttery toast all work together to create a great big bottomless pool of goodness.
Anspach & Hobday say that Porter is the beer style that set them off on their adventure.
If that’s so then they’ve paid it the greatest tribute.

Source: Anspach & Hobday

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