That Essence Rare: A Gang Of Four From Signature Brew

Nightingale (5.4%) is a delightfully balanced New England Pale Ale that was brewed in association with The Women Of Manchester Punk Festival.
Given what is happening in the world right now, Signature are donating £1 to NHS charities for every Nightingale sold.
And if that wasn’t reason enough to buy it then pay attention.
Nightingale begins with a delicious gentle tangerine swish, there’s a lot of orange fruit in here in fact, with the prickle of satsuma zest bringing a bright sparkle to the end of the beer.
Right in the middle you’re given a soft creamy toffee malt body, smooth and chewy with freshly baked croissants.
The aroma is packed with oranges and a little bouquet garni, while the beer finishes with peach juice and the aforementioned tangerines.

Stylus (6%) is Signature’s NEIPA, and it’s as bright and shiny as the can that it’s wrapped in.
Mango and melon, peach and apricot, fresh and pithy green herbal leaves, zingy lemon zest, woody rolling tobacco and sugary pink fondant shrimps.
And that’s just start with.
There’s also a lovely round and creamy toffee and brioche malt body that makes the beer feel warm and satisfying, while the yeast adds a layer of earthy spiced cherry stones that are all wrapped in a coating of vanilla ice cream in the finish.


Pink Vinyl (4.6%) is a Gose brewed with black cherry and raspberry, and as such is fresh and fruity and full of fun.
The addition of wheat to the malt bill creates a soft creamy body, backed up by caramel wafers and honey coated toast, while the beer’s tartness feels sharp and clean, steely almost, with a little spicy fug from the yeast peeping up from the depths.
The beer pours a beautiful deep pink colour and smells like a red fruit sorbet, and the cherries and raspberries bring a big kiss of forest fruits, fresh and fleshy and slightly tangy.
And as the salt prickles in the dry finish, I reach for another mouthful and like this very much.

All Together (6%) is an IPA brewed in collaboration with Other Half Brewing with money going to charities that support hospitality professionals.
It’s a decent IPA as well, with a solid caramel wafer, pancake and toffee muffin body, and a pile of orange juice, lemon zest and spiky herbal leaves from the hops.
It’s big and bold and juicy, and you’ll enjoy every mouthful, especially when the bitter dry finish makes you reach for another mouthful.
All this and well deserved support for people who need it right now.

Source: Signature Brew Co.

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