A Lovely Pair From Signature Brew

Festival Saison (4.8%)
With its light but unmistakable yeast fug, and with a wash of Yuzu and melon from the hops, this is a very nice little Saison.
The aroma mixes wafts of distant farmyard sweet silage with sticky apricot jam and the beer pours a light and bright straw gold into my glass.
Festival Saison’s malt base is soft and creamy, pancakes and runny honey with a little dab of toffee at its edges, and the hopping is big and bold, lemongrass and lime leaves, garden herbs and the aforementioned Yuzu and melon.
Towards the end the yeast provides some mulchy undergrowth while the finish is long and dry and bitter.

C-Sharp (4.5%)
Following their G-Sharp, this version of their bright sunny sour has been brewed with Citra and Sicilian Lemons.
And yes, it is as shiny and bold as you’d imagine.
There’s a soft and creamy caramel and pie crust malt body and then lashings of lip singeing lemons, pith, peel, zest and flesh, all mashed up with the freshly picked garden herbs of the Citra hops.
As for the finish, well it’s long and dry, tart as you like and rather sexy.


Source: Signature Brew

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