Amundsen Bryggeri Dessert In A Can Mango, Chocolate Creamsicle (10.5%)

I’ve not had one of Amundsen’s Desserts In A Can for ages, and opening this and taking a swig has made me wonder why I’ve not been the first in the queue for every iteration.
I’m not entirely sure how they do it, some weird Norsk Magik I imagine, something unearthly that means I’ll never make it to Valhalla, but man alive, this is a ridiculously fun can of booze.
It pours an inky black, like the stirring on the North Sea on a Viking Raid, and smells of chocolate and Aquavit.
There’s a massively sticky treacle tart and shortcrust pastry, runny honey and Bamse Mums malt body, and a hint of dry and crunchy autumnal leaf litter from the hops before the sexy mango flesh wrapped in chocolate and vanilla ice cream comes to the fore.
It’s a mental beer, a monumental beer, a beer to take your time with, a beer to relax and smile with as you head towards oblivion.
Nå vil jeg ha noen Bamse Mums!!!

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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