Anspach & Hobday: A Three Part Harmony

The Lager (4.7%)
With lashings of sticky honey right at its heart, this is a decidedly good Lagered beer.
It pours a soft golden colour with an aroma bursting with soft fruit and garden border flowers.
The malting, as already mentioned, is rich with honey, along with ice cream cornets, marshmallow, caramel and fudge biscuits.
The Tradition and Mittelfruh hops bring all those traditional Lager flavours, with a bite of pithy greenwood, and a slap of stinging nettles and lemon peel.
The finish is super smooth, soft and clean, yet crisp and bitter like a good Lager should be.

The Zest Of Friends (5.5%)
This, Anspach & Hobday’s take on a Lentebock, is a collaboration with Against The Grain that I could happily drink all afternoon.
It’s definitely an afternoon drink, a drink for summertime, fresh and bright and zingy.
The base is a superbly brewed Lager with its creamy soft caramel and biscuit heart, while the hops – Summit, Loral, Enigma and Amarillo – bring tobacco leaves and pencil shavings, garden herbs, pine needles and a lick of orange marmalade.
The lemon and lime zest tingles above this, and the coriander brings a spicy warmth to the crisp and clean bitter finish.

The Lemons & The Limes (4.6%)
Brewed in collaboration with Affinity Brew, this is a lovely little Hefeweizen infused with lemon and lime zest.
The beer begins in a typical Hefe way, with a fresh bread dough, garden flower and banana aroma, but in this case it prickles with citrus.
The malts are smooth and creamy, with shortcake and honey, pancakes and caramel waffles, and the hops bring a spiky herbal greenery, marigolds and hazel leaves.
And then in the finish the lemon and lime zest zips around, making the beer feel fresh and bright as you coast towards the long, softly bitter finish.

Source: Anspach & Hobday

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