A Couple Of Beauties From Bad Seed Brewery

Glow Stick Warrior (4%)
Crisp and clean and ever so drinkable, Glow Stick Warrior is more of a super Pale Ale than a Session IPA.
The beer pours a bright sunny gold and smells of lemonade and Weetabix, and then once you are inside, Glow Stick starts with a soft crisp Jacob’s Cracker, caramel and honey malt, followed by melon and lemon, mandarin and herbs from the Bavaria and Wakatu hops.
It’s a super fresh tasting beer with a long dry bitter finish.
Lovely stuff.


Time Vortex (5.3%)
Melon balls.
Great big melon balls.
And spring onions and garden herbs.
Also lemonade and lime zest.
Not to mention the soft caramel wafer biscuit of the malting.
Think Tunnocks Caramel Bars without the chocolate and you’ll be somewhere near.
But mainly this beer, hopped with Ekuanot and Chinook, is the fresh and fruity delights of everything mentioned above.
Couple that to gooseberries, tobacco and nettles in the long dry bitter finish, and you’ve a beer that you’ll wish you had more of.

Source: Bad Seed Brewery

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