A Pair Of Newbies From Hog’s Back Brewery

East Coast (5.8%) is a Hazy IPA with a big pile of oats that help create a smooth and creamy body.
There’s also lots of barley sugar, toffee wafers and brown bread from the malting, making for a body that’s big and satisfying.
The hopping, Cascade, Ekuanot and Calypso, with Mounthood and Idaho 7 for dry hopping, do all the right things, dishing out sticky orange marmalade, freshly chopped green herbal leaves, lemon grass, peaches and rolling tobacco.
There’s also a rather interesting bruised apple thing going on in both the aroma and the finish of the beer that I’m guessing is from the house yeast, after all it certainly reminds me of the more traditional beer that this brewery is known for.
Me, I like it very much indeed.

Hog IPA (4.5%) Where East Coast sports a big thick malt body, Hog’s Back’s Session IPA is unsurprisingly much lighter in feel.
The malting here is all about shortcrust pasty and pancakes, honey and runny caramel.
It’s a soft and supple body that creates just enough strength to prop up the delightfully bright and shiny hops.
You find lemon sherbet and hazel, garden herbs and grapefruit zest, while the yeast takes a backseat with only the feint hint of something lightly salted wafting around in the background.
I’d happily buy a six pack of this and spend a sunny afternoon in the garden with it.

Source: Hog’s Back Brewery

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