Twisted Barrel Ale Halloween In January (8%)

There are a couple of Peanut Butter Stouts that have blown me away, and one or two I’ve thought were a bit, “Meh.”
You can add Halloween in January to the blow me away category, as this is a deliciously boozy can of joy.
The aroma is warm roast nuts and the beer lounges in my glass just asking to be consumed.
It’s a sexy beer right from the off, and as I take a swig I find a packet full of Digestive Biscuits (one of my very favourite late night snacks), vanilla ice cream, pancakes, malt loaf and Daim bars all working together to create a big sticky heart around which everything else revolves.
There’s the slap of something dew-damp and herbal from the hops, a little brightness, a little nettle sting sharpness at the edges, but mainly there’s a great big buttery roast peanut woodiness that makes me smile from ear to ear.
It’s a big enough flavour in itself but here it also amplifies the coffee and dark chocolate, the praline and rum and raisin that’s hiding away in this endlessly enjoyable can of goodness.

Source: Twisted Barrel Ale

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