Twisted Barrel Ale Wake Up Juice (9%)

Wake Up Juice is a Belgian Tripel with lashings of Citra.
It’s a beer to spend some time with.
A beer to get to know and try and chat up as it slowly unhinges your brain, unbuttons your shirt and leaves you with your trousers down as it hails a cab.
The aroma is a disguise, a cunning ruse to lure you in, all IPA style Citra lemon sharpness, allowing you to think you’ve found something bold and lemony that you can control.
But as soon as you take a swig the candy canes and toffee, brown bread and runny honey of the malts grab you and pin you down so that the white rum booze can slap your cheeks and show you who is boss.
After that it’s all about the hops and the alcohol.
Goldings and Hersbrucker, Saaz and Citra, work on you like a Good Cop Bad Cop gang, soft melon and leafy countryside walks are offset by lemon zest in your eyes and wasp stings on your lips.
Wake Up Juice?
More like hostage medicine, and I for one am happy to be locked up with this.

Source: Twisted Barrel Ale

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