Uiltje Brewing Co. Track Down (5.2%)

With its soft lemon curd aroma and the way it sits an invitingly pale gold in my glass, this is a beer just asking to be drunk.
There’s a soft as pillows caramel and Stroopwaffle malt body, sticky honey and a little buttered French bread bringing up the rear and creating a subtle backbone over which the hops give you lemonade and green herbal leaves, melon, green tea and garden flowers.
Track Down isn’t an earth shattering beer, a “make you sit up and take notice” beer, but then it hasn’t been brewed to be.
What it is, is a beer you can relax with at the end of the day, tasty and more-ish without being overly challenging.

NB: For our regular readers, we published a review of this beer a couple of weeks ago damning it for being all sorts of wrong. Having spoken to the brewery about it and agreeing that it was an issue with the can we had or the way that it had been stored by the organisation I got it from, I was very kindly sent a few cans of the newest batch.
As a result I deleted the original review as it felt unfair to leave it up when the problems had been addressed.


Source: Uiltje Brewing Co.

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