Solvay Society 8:20 (4.8%)

Brewed in collaboration with Wilderness, this Tropical Stout has all sorts of things going on that you’ll find both interesting and drinkable.
The beer pours a proper Stouty ruby red brown with a little frothy head, but the aroma is far from your normal Stout smell, instead being crammed with strawberries and red cherries.
The malting is all about dry and crunchy digestive biscuits, sticky honey, toffee, coffee and chocolate, while the hopping is a big and bold, bright and shiny smack of mango and green herbal leaves, coconut and Woodbines.
And all these fruity flavours build, overtaking the malting as you reach the finish where you find a wash of tangy sweet pineapple juice bringing you to a deliciously indecisive finish.
Is this a Stout or is it a Session Black IPA.
I for one would love to try this with twice the ABV, but I’ll happily make do with it as it is.

Source: Solvay Society

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