Anspach & Hobday Oktoberfest Beer

The Gose (4%)
Light and tart but delightfully fruity, this is a very good Gose indeed.
Pouring a pale gold with a hay bale and sweet farmyard aroma, it’s an immediately inviting beer.
The malting is light and airy, with crumbly oat biscuits, a dab of honey and a lightly toasted, almost sesame seed richness that I like very much.
The German Ale yeast creates a spicy apricot background and the hops – Huel Melon and Hallertau Blanc – provide a subtle swish of green herbal leaves and lemon zest.
In the finish the salt puckers your lips while the addition of coriander seeds adds a very nice prickle to this crisp and refreshing little beer.

The Hefeweisen (5%)
Another great take on a style, this Hefeweisen does absolutely everything you would hope it would.
Lots of heather honey and bread dough in the aroma, a big fluffy head, and a smooth creamy body that you can almost chew.
The malting gives you caramel waffles, buttery pancakes, brioche and toffee, and the hops hit with a sharp and pithy herbal hedgerow leafiness, a little lemon zest, just a hint of liquorice root and a blob of marmalade.
The result of all this goodness is a finish that’s big and round and satisfying.

The Festival Lager (5.6%)
Oh man, I took a big mouthful of this and dreamed of sitting at a long beer table with this beer being refilled before I’d finished.
But then I realised that if that happened, I’d not make it to morning.
Or at least have no recollection of who I was or why I was there.
This is a great big Lager chock full of thick and sticky barley sweets, toffee and bruised apples.
There’s lashings of honey, crunchy bread crusts and brown sugar syrup, as well as a sharp slap from the herbal leafy hops, all green, pithy and lip curling.
In the finish the beer turns bitter and crisp but keeps a warm and chewy underbelly.

The Rauchbier (5.6%)
And so we come to the end of the journey through this year’s Oktoberfest beers, and I think I have saved the best until last.
This is a treacle tart and toffee hearted beer.
A beer that gives you black coffee and molasses, vanilla ice cream cones, bacon and maple syrup, woodland bonfires, black cherries, hedgerow undergrowth, fried mushrooms and pancakes.
It’s a beer that is big and round, warm and boozy, Brandy snaps snapping as you head towards the smoky, burned toast finish.
The shortest review for the best of the beers in this collection.

Source: Anspach & Hobday

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