Hop’t African Queen Piri Piri Pilsner

Yes, I know that this is a beer blog, but the idea of a range of hot sauces made with hops piqued my interest.
And I was right to take notice, as this is a very nice little bottle of fiery goodness.
Hop’t do a whole range, each made with different hop combinations, but the one I got is a tongue tingling sauce made with Rwandan Scotch Bonnet chillies and African Queen hops, the initial hit is hot, hot, hot, but as you become accustomed to the heat you start to find a subtle fruitiness and a hint of peach and gooseberries.
I tried the sauce with various food combinations, as a side with chicken and as a an addition to tomato soup, and with each I was very impressed.
Definitely worth checking out.

Source: Hop’t Sauce

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