Pentrich Brewing Co. Dream, Dream, Dreaming (8.5%)

I wanted to say that I can’t begin to tell you how good this is, but then I realised that that would be silly as the whole point of this thing I do is to tell you exactly that.
Or, of course, how bad something is.
3D, as I shall call it for brevity, is an Imperial IPA that pours a gloopy peachy gold and smells of candy floss and gumballs.
It’s a sweet fairground smell and it continues down into the beer as you take a swig.
Firstly you are met by a big bubblegum and toffee, doughnut, bagel and ice cream cone malt body that gives you a great big sweetness to balance out the splash of pithy herbal hops with their orange marmalade, lime zest, woody rolling tobacco and lemon sherbet zing.And all the way through a deliciously clean warm white rum boozy heat drives everything along, sticks it all together, makes it all feel just right.
Pentrich’s 3D is really really good.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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