Two Hybrids From Solvay Society

Superposition (3.7%) is a Witbier Session IPA hybrid and I really like it.
Pouring a cloudy peach colour, the aroma is bursting with fruity goodness and a hint of spice, and taking a mouthful you find a light and supple, yet creamy smooth malt body.
Waffles and wafers, honeycomb and caramel all bolstered by the spicy white pepper and cloves of the Witbier yeast make for a lovely body, while the hops are a blast of zingy lemon sherbet, green and pithy, freshly picked garden herbs, melon and grapefruit.
The finish is crisp and dry and prickling with a peppery warmth.
Yes, I like this very much indeed, and would very much like to try it at double the ABV as a Witbier DIPA hybrid.

Exotic Physics (5%) is Solvay’s Belgian IPA.
It’s a beer that is kind of all about its yeast.
You see, you’ll find lots of terrific IPA things going on in here, from the soft and sticky caramel waffle and syrup drizzled pancakes of the malt body that feels round and chewy and rather satisfying, to the sharp smack of green herbal hoppy leaves, lemon zest and orange peel, melon and pithy gooseberry skins.
But the Belgian yeast works its magic all over this beer, adding a dry pastry and lightly spiced earthy tone to the backbone of the beer in the beginning, and forcing its way to the fore in the long and crisp finish.

Source: Solvay Society

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