A Brace Of Beauities From Ashover Brewery

Zoo (5.5%) is a Pale brewed with Mosaic and Citra, and it’s a well made beer, and definitely and interesting introduction to this brewery.
There’s a solid Rich Tea biscuit, pancake, honey and caramel malt, and even a little hint of something salty and earthy from the yeast, while the hopping provides lemon and lime, freshly picked herbal leaves, a spoon of orange marmalade and even a hint of woody rolling tobacco as I head towards the bitter and dry finish.



Moscow (9%) is Ashover’s Imperial Russian Stout and it does everything you might want it to.
The aroma and the body is full of rum and raisin chocolate, treacle tart, thick honey and Baclava.
It’s a thick and rich, satisfying malting that makes the beer feel big and chewy.
There’s a hit of green sapling wood, hazel leaf litter and maple syrup from the hops, along with some orange marmalade that brings a delightfully sticky and sharp edge to the beer as you head towards the liquorice root and deep brandy hit of the finish.
Very good.

Source: The Offie

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