Beak Brewery Horses (6%)

The label on the can says West Coast and so I was not expecting the deliciously sweet and warm treacle and pumpernickel hit that I found as I took my first swig.
Horses may be based around a West Coast IPA, but the addition of Rye to the malt bill takes it into a completely different realm, the realm of the Rye Beer, one of my very favourite things in all the world.
Yes, this beer gives you pancakes dripping in honey and caramel coated wafers, along with lots of lemon sherbet, orange marmalade and pine resin, all those things you expect to find in a West Coast IPA, but here everything is underpinned by the meaty and spicy earthiness of the Rye.
It says hello right at the beginning and it is still hanging around in the long bitter finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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