Half A Dozen Reasons To Get To Know Mondo Brewing

Hoosier (5%), Mondo’s American Pils is dry and crisp and delightfully refreshing.
You find a soft and creamy caramel body, lots of waffles and ice cream corners with a drizzle of honey on the side.
There’s a warm and earthy spiced yeast in the background of the beer while the hops are all fresh herbal greenery, lemon zest and lime marmalade.
And if that isn’t enough to tempt you, you’ll find a lemon curd and garden herb aroma wafting up to you as you reach the long bitter finish.


Spindizzy (6.9%) is a West Coast IPA with a resinous redwood and sweet honey aroma.
The malts provide a really good barley sugar, honey and wafer body, soft and rich and sweet over which the hops bring woody tobacco, green herbal leaves, orange marmalade, hazel and hedgerow as you reach the long bitter finish.
It’s a solid beer, a beer with an inviting honey and garden flower aroma, and as the clean and clear gin of the booze kicks in, it’ll have you hoping for another pint.


Road Soda (4.8%)
is the least interesting of the Mondo beers I’ve been drinking.
That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it, in fact it is a perfectly good Pale Ale.
It’s just not overly exciting.
The malting is soft and gentle, all caramel wafers and pancake batter, and the hops bring apricots and peaches, a little mango and a slap of herbal leaves.
It is meant to be a super easy drinking beer and it is exactly that.



Goza (4.7%) is a Gose brewed with Coriander, salt, Prickly Pear and Guava.
It’s a Gose that has been Kettle soured, a Gose that’s bright and light, tart and keen.
The aroma is green apples and garden flowers and the beer pours a peach juice gold.
There’s a silky smooth wafer and caramel, honey and pancake malt body, it’s sweet and creamy and makes for a solid base for the lemony Citra hops, bolstered by the metallic tang of the kettle souring, to bring a sharp bitterness, making your lips pucker and your mouth water.
The Salt, and fruit combine in the finish to add a clean and juicy, fruity softness to this rather fine little beer.

Ripple Effect (6.6%) is a smooth and creamy New England IPA that pours a cloudy gold with a wispy head and an aroma full of peach, mango and meadow flowers.
Taking a swig you find lots of Gala Melon, peaches and apricots, lemon curd, and sharp pithy green herbal leaves.
Underneath lurks a solid toffee and shortcake malt body, a pinch of salt and a good waft of earthy yeast goodness.
Couple all this with a long, dry and very fruity finish, and you’ve a NEIPA you’ll be happy to look for again.

Tempt Yappy (6.2%)
is an IPA with loads of hops.
So any in fact, that on reading the label you might think you’re in for a confusing ride, but fortunately Mondo manage to balance everything just so.
Between the bittering and the dry hopping there’s Southern Cross, Citra, Columbus, Hallertau, Mittelfrüh and Simcoe, not to mention Amarillo.
That’s a lot of hops.
But they work.
There’s lashings of lemon curd, sherbet Dip Dabs, freshly torn green garden herbal leaves, mango and peach, while the malt provides a soft and chewy brown sugar glazed doughnut of a body.
A little bit salty and a little bit sweet, it feels like a freshly fried mouthful of cakey goodness.
Very good indeed.

Source: Mondo Brewing Co.

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