Tempest Brewing Co. Blueberry Pastry Stout ( 9%)

A few years ago I used to get a regular supply of Tempest beer as I knew the then Marketing Manager, and I loved everything that I was sent.
Occasionally, because they were mates, I’d feel a bit guilty for saying great things about them.
But it’s now been a year or two since the people I know have left the brewery, and this is the first beer I’ve had from Tempest in a long time, and it is absolutely superb.
There’s a lovely dry and crumbly wheat and honey biscuit malt that is partnered by a delicious raw pastry doughiness, all chewy and glutinous, round and warm.
Around the edges you find some sharp and pithy herbal hedgerow leaves, a hoppy hit that adds a brightness to the beer, while the blueberries are big and juicy, ripe and rich and full of flavour.
Between them and the pastry body of the malts, you’d be forgiven to think you’d been given a boozy blueberry muffin milkshake to drink.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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