Ashover Brewery Rattle (7.4%)

This might be the perfect beer for this Autumn.
Pouring a conker red with a smell of toasted marshmallows and toffee, Rattle is a well hopped Imperial Red Ale with a fabulous kick.
This is a sticky beer, a sexy beer, a beer you want to slosh around in your mouth before you swallow.
Cinder toffee and brandy snaps, treacle tart, honey and digestive biscuits make up the deliciously chewy malt body.
You’ll also find cherries and blackcurrants as the hops come in with their fistful of autumnal leaf litter, all crunchy, pithy and red, hazel, nettles and a dab of orange marmalade adding a zippy fruitiness to the long bitter finish.
Brilliant brewing, that’s what this is.

Source: The Offie

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