Rivington Brewing Co. I was Told There Would Be Heaters (6%)

Brewed in collaboration with Runaway Brewery and Devil Dog Sauce, this beer was made for the Virtual Independent Salford Beer Festival.
It’s a Sour Cherry and Habanero Porter and it is entirely disappointing.
Thin and watery, everything here is a little insipid, lacking in any body.
The malting is weak, with just a touch of chocolate and a hint of bread crusts and toffee, while the hops are rather apologetic in their wimpy slap of greenery.
The Habaneros are absolutely nowhere to be found, giving no heat, no fruity richness, and as a result of all the above the sour cherries become an unpleasant acidic aside.
It went down the sink.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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