UnBarred Brewing Co. Honeycomb Milkshake (6%)

Not too long ago I was talking to a beer person I know and they told me in no uncertain terms that Pale beer should not have Lactose in it.
That it just isn’t right.
I let them have their say and I went home and thought to myself what an old fashioned, conservative and prescribed way of thinking they had, and how that was exactly the opposite of what CAMRGB is all about.
And then I drink this beer and I know just how wrong they are and what they are missing out on.
You see this beer has been brewed with locally sourced (Brighton) honey, vanilla and lactose, and it’s an absolute triumph.
Imagine a deliciously rich and sexy vanilla ice cream cone with a drizzle of rich runny honey over it and you’re somewhere close.
The malting is sweet and sticky, with caramel and wafers, waffles and toffee, while the honey brings a lip smacking gooeyness.
Cascade and El Dorado hops provide a smack of sharp greenery and a hint of something pithy and woody, while the lactose smooths everything out, makes everything feel as though it’s in soft focus and is enriched by the vanilla that leaves you feeling like you’ve been stroked into happy submission by some sexy beer god/dess.
It is up to the brewer to make and dispense their beer how they choose.
If you don’t like it then that is OK, but you don’t have the right to say that anything is wrong or shouldn’t be done.

Source: UnBarred Brewery

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