Liquid Light Brewing Co. Mother North (6.8%)

I first met Liquid Light at the Nottingham Craft Beer Festival a couple of years ago.
At that point, if I remember rightly, they were still a Nano Brewery using borrowed kit, but even then I enjoyed the beer that they had on offer and hoped they’d grow.
And now I’m drinking my first can from them and it’s really very good indeed.
Mother North is a Kveik IPA brewed with Norwegian Voss yeast and El Dorado hops.
The malting is solid, with biscuits, honey and Victoria sponge creating a soft and sweet malt body, while the El Dorado bring lots of fresh and sprightly green herbal leaves, brittle bitter nettle stings, lime and lemon zest, and this is all made earthy and rich by the gentle farmyard fug of the yeast that also lends an apricot and damp woodland smell to the beer.
Yup, I was right to be interested when I first discovered Liquid Light.
I’m really looking forward to more.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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