New Bristol Brewery Salted Chocolate Bigger Cinder Toffee Stout (10%)

You know when you unwrap a Crunchie bar and you can smell chocolate and honey, and then you bite into it and, as the sweet silky chocolate melts away, you’re left with an initially rich crunchy (sorry) honey thing that quickly becomes chewy and sticks to your teeth, that’s this beer.
And what a triumph it is.
This may be a ten percent Stout, but it hides its booziness incredibly well, the alcohol lingering sexily in the background and apparently doing nothing more than amplifying the other things going in this beer while all the time you are unknowingly heading towards oblivion.
There’s no point talking about malts and hops and things like that, because this is one of those beers whose parts all work together to create a single, fantastic experience.
This really is cinder toffee and salty chocolate in liquidised form.
Brilliant brewing.

Source: The Offie

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