UnBarred Brewery DIPA Azacca, Mosaic, Simcoe, Vic Secret (8%)

Pouring a foggy gold, this beer smells of peaches apricots and strawberries.
It’s a fresh summery bouquet and it feels soft and fruity.
But this is a bit of a ruse, as that gentle soft fruit aroma drags you down into a beer that has a delightfully hard and bitter body.
Sure there’s a soft caramel, runny honey and shortcake biscuit malt body that brings a delicate sweetness to the backbone of the beer, but the quartet of hops jump out at you and beat you about the head and neck in the most seductively sexy way.
super fresh green herbal foliage comes on all dry and pithy, there’s a succulence that the Azacca brings that reminds me of cactus and Aloe Vera, while the Vic Secret and Simcoe are all about woody rolling tobacco, hazel leaves, lemon rind and soft papaya.
And all of this fruity goodness is pushed along by the gin clear hit of boozy warmth as you head towards the drunken fruitiness of the finish.

Source: UnBarred Brewery

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