Mortalis Brewing Co. Hydra (7%)

This version of Hydra is brewed with blackberries, pineapple and raspberries and it is absolutely lovely.
Mind you, some people may argue that you shouldn’t find heaps of fruit pulp in your beer can when you pour, but I for one love it.
Pouring a paint thick purple, the beer smells more of vanilla and honeyed almonds than it does of fruit, but as soon as you take a swig you find yourself in jammy heaven.
And yes, this beer is like a boozy forest fruit jam, the pineapple lurking way back in the mix and adding just a hint of bright juiciness while the berries bring heaps of sweet and tart fruity pulp.
And the pulp clings to the side of your glass as you drink, you can lift it off with your finger.
That’s how thick this beer is.
I was going to photograph it as proof but it just looks like a dirty glass.
The alcohol swishes about with a dry and clean gin warmth, and the finish has a light tartness that cuts across all fresh fruit goodness.
I’m pretty sure this could provide one of your five a day.

Source: The Sour Beer Club

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